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Philosophy & Method

From the cradle to the wave

We are true water lovers and mentors to our students. From baby swimmers to bucketlist wave riding, we believe in helping to create a lifelong love for the water.

coach syd lovelace's 11 level water balance method

In the pool, our initial goal is to get children comfortable and balanced in a horizontal position on their stomach and back. This position will allow them the best opportunity to master the art and athleticism of bending the water to create forward motion. Once they become balanced, our coaches will assist the child's body and mind to form new connections and muscle memory. This creates the ability for a child to direct their body in an efficient manner towards a desired target. The next step is coordinating their breathing and focusing on making their strokes more efficient and faster to a point where they can maintain them throughout their entire life. If a child has an aversion to water, touching his/her face in it can affect how quickly they pick up swim skills. We help those that have this challenge with bathtub homework and by redirecting their anxiety to a specific target or task. We believe in abundant positive verbal reinforcements and gentle persistence. We emphasize fun, safe, and efficient techniques in a creative and nurturing environment.

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Classes & Schedule


Class Costs and Location

All classes are $35 when you pay as you go or sign up for individual lessons. If you sign up for ongoing lessons and make automatic payments, classes are $30. All classes at our NAVY POOL in Santa Monica are a flat $35 fee regardless of payment plan. Our West LA location is a private residence and therefore we do not send out the address beforehand. Upon submitting a request for a class, the address will be sent to you.  

Rain Policy

We teach swim lessons rain or shine! Unless there is thunder or lightening in which case we will contact all families scheduled to let you know class is canceled for that day  


Beach Lessons Click on class name to sign up

Santa Monica Beach at Ocean Park (dependent on conditions)

Intro to Wave Play & Ocean Safety

Suggested Ages: 3 years and up. Wetsuit provided.

Stand-up Paddle (SUP) Lessons

Surf Lessons

Open Water Swim Technique, training advice and snorkeling tips

Private Parties & Corporate Group Packages

A great option for your private group, corporate or team building events in the LA & Santa Monica areas. Get to know friends and family or build business associates into team players.

Paddle Fork & Spoon

Join us on the Venice Canals for a paddle-icious night of great architecture, ducks and starry skies. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and out-of-town guests.

Coaching Staff

Coach Veronica

Coach Veronica loves drawing and creating cartoons, her favorite swim stroke is backstroke, and her favorite color is purple!

Coach Joe

Coach Joe

Coach Romina

Coach Romina has always aspired to be a stellar swim instructor, just like hers from childhood 🙂 A self-proclaimed chocoholic, she is also an avid water color painter who loves to paint her own body!

Coach Chris

Marketing/ PR

Coach Chris is not only a wonderful swim coach, but also our Marketing/ PR rep!

Coach A-Dawg


Coach Adrianne (“A-Dawg”) went to college in Hawaii; she’s both a musician and surfer!

Coach Daniel

As an LA native, Coach Daniel spent most of his childhood at the beach and quickly fell in love with swimming. At 19 years old Daniel decided to join the Navy where he could be surrounded by water all the time! After 5 years of service, he moved back to LA and currently attends Cal State University: Los Angeles. Daniel has always enjoyed teaching, he believes swimming is fun, healthy and most importantly a skill never forgotten.

Favorite Stroke: freestyle
Favorite color: maroon
Favorite non-pool activity: listening to music
Fun fact: he has traveled the world

Coach Dani


Coach Dani came from a family of swimmers – she is the daughter of a South American champion (medley) and coach of big swim teams in Brazil. She grew up around competitions and training, and can’t live without swimming! She always needs to be close to the ocean. Dani also has a photography studio and takes surfing and lifestyle photos.

Favorite swim stroke: freestyle
Favorite color: blue
Favorite non-swim activity: SUP (stand up paddleboarding) and photography
Fun fact: I have two kids that make my life full of joy and very dynamic. I skydive, try to surf, skate and love having the family together for fun adventures – we love taking trips!

Coach Sarah

Sarah grew up in Michigan, swimming in the frigid Great Lakes since she was a baby. A Pisces, she has always been a natural water lover. Sarah moved to Los Angeles for the year-round sunshine and entertainment industry. She loves fitness and swimming is her favorite workout!

Favorite stroke: breaststroke
Favorite color: pink
Favorite non-pool activity: attending concerts
Fun fact: although she’s a Disney Princess at heart, Sarah has never been to Disneyland!

Coach Tommy

Director of Operations

Coach Tommy is originally from Boston, MA and has been with LA Surf and Swim since 2012. He has been a highly successful teacher at programs including the YMCA, the Boys and Girls Club and the Michael Phelps IM Program for the last 15 years.
Favorite stroke: freestyle
Favorite color: rainbow
Favorite non-pool activity: performing stand-up comedy
Fun fact: he’s a New Years baby!

Coach Brandon

Director of Operations

Coach Brandon grew up in northern California where he started swimming at a very young age. Starting at the age of 15, Coach Brandon taught swim lessons with the American Swim Academy. He continued working there until moving down to LA to go to college. When not in the pool, Coach Brandon is passionate about music. He is in his second season with LA Surf and Swim.
Favorite stroke: butterfly
Favorite color: green
Favorite non-pool activity: making music
Fun fact: he’s allergic to milk (not so fun)

Coach Sydney Lovelace


Coach Syd brings over two decades of coaching and teaching experience, along with his proven aquatic methods to LA from Nashville. While in Nashville he founded and ran 3 successful swim teams, along with his swim school Sydskids, which is still in operation. The Sydney E Lovelace Award for Excellence is given each summer to a top swimmer at The Belle Meade Country Club in Nashville.

Coach Syd attended Florida State University where he was a standout swimmer in Sprint Butterfly, Backstroke and Individual Medley. He has been teaching full time since 1991. When he moved to LA in 2002 he was hired as the Guest Head Coach at Marlborough Prep and was Interim Head Coach of the Hollywood High School Club Team. He is also former co-founder and owner of Venice Del Play Surf & Yoga Beach Camp.

Coach Syd and his teams have done it all—from Olympic Team Trial qualifiers, Collegiate Swimmers and High School All Americans to Special Needs kids and 6-month-old toddlers. He especially enjoys the unique challenges of helping children overcome acute fears of water.

Sydney is also an avid windsurfer and competitive body surfer. In 2012 he placed 6th at the World Body Surf Championship, 3rd at the International Body Surf Championship and Grand Champion of the Venice Beach Surf-A-thon. In his spare time he likes to stand up paddle surf, compete in SUP ocean races, and body/tandem surf with his dog Kula. Fun fact: he got his first boat when he was seven years old!

Coach Alec

Coach Alec is originally from sunny Los Angeles, and has been working with kids for 4+ years.
Favorite stroke: butterfly
Favorite color: green
Favorite non-pool activity: cycling
Fun fact: he loves doing math – for fun!

Coach Caileigh

Coach Caileigh

Coach Caileigh was born and raised in Texas (yes, home of Beyonce) and started swimming at a young age to escape the excruciating heat of the southern sun. At the age of thirteen she realized she was part mermaid when she started to grow gills and a sparkly blue fin. With the help of modern medicine and eating her brussels sprouts, she is now able to function on land as a human. Coach Caileigh also has a tortoise named Grizz who is her trusty sidekick on various adventures she finds herself in. She has worked with kids for 10 years.
Favorite stroke: breaststroke
Favorite color: blue
Favorite non-pool activity: watching/having opinions about TV
Fun fact: she fell out of a second story window when she was 6 and lived!

Coach Ethan


Born and raised in Lititz, PA, Coach Ethan started swim team at the age of 7. He continued swimming competitively through summer and club programs, high school, and throughout college. Ethan has coached swim team and given lessons for 11 years. His favorite events are 200 backstroke and 200 IM.
Favorite stroke: backstroke
Favorite color: green
Favorite non-pool activity: attending concerts
Fun fact: he plays in an “adult” kickball league

Coach Adrienne

Adrienne moved from Texas to Los Angeles in hopes of filling her autograph book and living an active lifestyle in year-round 75 degree weather. Adrienne started swimming at four years old and was immediately put on a swim team in place of day care. She competed in freestyle and backstroke until she realized her true calling was high school marching band.

Favorite stroke: freestyle
Favorite color: yellow
Favorite non pool activity: hiking and running
Fun fact: she’s also a coach for Girls on the Run Los Angeles

Junior Mascot Kula

Junior Mascot Kula

Junior Mascot Kula is an excitable Golden doodle with quite the personality. He is currently the LA Surf & Swim mascot-in-training

Emeritus Mascot Booda

Booda grew up in Nashville, TN where he was adopted off the streets by his human companion, Coach Syd. He recently passed but his spirit lives on at LA Surf & Swim

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